Who we are and what we deliver

We work with our clients to improve the delivery of services, save costs and prove impact. We do this mainly through strategic planning, management support and evaluation. We have a strong reputation with the international network of social value practitioners, through Social Value UK and Social Value International. We build an organisation’s Contract Readiness to have a business with market credibility, financial strength, internal delivery skills and skills to bid for, win and deliver contracts effectively.

Clear - but never over-simplified

Why use three paragraphs when three sentences would do the same job? And why spend time on clever graphs and charts which show our computing skills - and little else? By using Plain English and Clear Graphics, we get to the heart of the matter.

Practical - but never ordinary

When you’re choosing a partner, you’re obviously going to demand robust research skills and sound methods. That’s a given. However, what sets Hall Aitken apart is our insistence on applying real world experience to every project, to illuminate the process and the findings.

Innovative - but never rash

New tools. Fresh approaches. Workshops. Focus groups. Skills transfers. For all the novel ideas we bring to a project, there’s always a clear focus on the end result. In other words, style never triumphs over substance.


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Hall Aitken has been awarded a place on Grants and Programme Services Framework agreement for the supply of Evaluation services.

At Hall Aitken we usually send Christmas cards that we have purchased from charities to clients and associates.  This year we are changing and directing these resources to support a worthy cause. 


We have had a long association with Annie Mawson’s Sunbeams Music Trust.  Sunbeams was founded in 1992 to improve the health and wellbeing of people with special needs through the creative power of music. The Charity provides therapeutic Music For Life® and Music for Dignity® music sessions in over 40 http://donationsstatic.ebay.com/extend/logos/1392125635119.jpg project venues, to 1,400 disabled and disadvantaged people every month. Their team of specialist Community Musicians deliver sessions at Care Homes; Day Centres; Special Schools; Hospices; Out-of-School Clubs and other Community Venues.  We have seen the value of what they do at first hand and we are happy to support them this Christmas. You can see more detail of what they do by following this link  http://www.sunbeamsmusic.org/annie-mawson.htm

Impact Managemement Programme

Strengthen your organisation and diversify your income stream.
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News in brief

Bid Writing Guide 2017

Read our updated bid writing guide in the 'Project support' section of our document library!

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How sporting heritage is helping tackle loneliness and dementia

If you're a sports fan your past will no doubt be littered with the highs and lows of your favourite team or sporting hero. Whether it's Andy Murray winning his first Grand Slam, Jonny Wilkinson's world cup winning kick or (in my case) John Hewitt sailing through the air to glance home the winning goal for Aberdeen against Real Madrid in May 1983; Sporting Heritage is in our blood.

Social Enterprises deliver more than just jobs: but can they prove it?

The new Social Enterprise Census 2017 from Social Enterprise Scotland shows a clear growth in the number of social enterprises and their economic impact. Hall Aitken Director David Gourlay looks at the challenge faced by social enterprises in proving their impact.