How we do it

Our goal is to deliver our added-value work using experienced experts. We have a large pool of experts to draw upon who will work with us as associates. They will complement our own staff.

Our style is to deliver work:

  • with a practical focus;
  • which is interactive and innovative;
  • using plain English and regular feedback opportunities to support clear communication;
  • which is serious about qualitative research; and
  • which will maintain and build our UK wide reputation.

In house guides, tools and workshops

We ask organisations: How will your organisation win new contracts - and secure the ones you already have?

We don't need to tell you that funding is tougher to secure than ever before; which means projects have to provide concrete evidence of the impact they make.

Indicate® - a self evaluation support service - gives projects the certainty they need. A project team will have the tools and skills to measure and manage the impact they make. So when it comes to evaluating the difference they've made, there will be no room for doubt.

Because what you can measure, you can improve. And they can then report on the substantial value they've delivered. The Indicate® self evaluation support service is based on Hall Aitken's experience supporting and providing guidance to projects throughout the UK. All the tools and guides used within the Indicate service have been tried and tested and are trusted by local authorities, NHS and the Big Lottery Fund. Information can be found on the Indicate website -

This website will be a resource for projects to go to and it will help us cost-effectively to track their progress through the system.

Other tools and resources

As well as Indicate we have several workshops that are accompanied by guides and tools that we have developed to help projects and organizations. These cover areas such as:

  • Diagnosis of support needs (Silver Dreams);
  • Operational Planning (myplace);
  • Sponsorship workshops (myplace);
  • Bid writing and sustainability;
  • Governance and Leadership;
  • Partnership assessment and building;
  • Evaluation readiness; and
  • Much more.

We have used our InProgress tool on many projects such as myplace, Silver Dreams and Badminton England. It can effectively be developed to cover different needs.

We have also used our own InForm tool to collect, analyse and report on data collected across 320 projects as part of the Premier League 4 Sport programme.

We have the capacity to run email and text surveys or organise extensive postal and telephone surveys. Our staff can use SPSS to analyse survey responses and we have the capacity to analyse quantitative data effectively.

In short anything that a significant research, evaluation and support consultancy would be required to do, we can do.