How we do it

Our Values: effective, innovative and collaborative

Clients come first at Hall Aitken. Whatever the nature or scale of their projects, we are driven by our clients' goals, values and success.

We are a strong team with experience and expertise in working with clients who are committed to improving people's lives, opportunities and communities. We are proud of our clear policy insight, pragmatic style, and of our success in helping clients to meet their goals.

Our clients benefit from our innovative and interactive approach. When funding, business models and expectations are changing so rapidly, it is vital that we too are flexible, dynamic, creative and ahead of the curve in our knowledge.

We provide extensive support to the third sector and social enterprises and recently delivered free workshops with 200 voluntary organisations in communities as far flung as Orkney and Cornwall. We also encourage our staff to volunteer.

The environment matters to us. We hold the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 standard for environmental management and our strong commitment to using public transport means that less than 5% of all our business travel is by private car.

How we work

Our working principles reflect our clients' needs and values.

  • We do everything with a practical focus that supports clear decisions and speeds up progress.
  • We are always interactive and innovative. Results are better when ideas and momentum come from our clients.
  • Everything is clear. We use plain English and regularly ask for feedback so that communication with clients is easy and productive.
  • We are very serious about qualitative research and apply the latest thinking to understand circumstances and how they change.

Proving how well we focus on our clients and how seriously we take our continuous improvement, we have been assessed and approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. We also have PRINCE2 accredited staff in each of our offices.

If we sound like the sort of people you'd like to work with, please call 0141 204 3183.