How we do it

Our style is to deliver work:

  • with a practical focus: we will deliver results that support clear decisions and help clients make quicker progress.
  • which is interactive and innovative: we prefer to work with people to develop ideas and break down barriers to progress.
  • using plain English and regular feedback to support clear communication with our clients.
  • which is serious about qualitative research: using the latest thinking to explain why things change as well as how many there are. 
  • that maintains and build our UK wide reputation: we value our clients and want them to recommend the work we do.

We have a strong multi-disciplinary team of staff and associates who can work equally effectively in all areas of the UK. Each has a range of skills and experience so we bring real expertise to each commission. We have excellent technical research and analysis skills. But over and above that we bring sector-leading skills and approaches. These include:

Workshops and training

Working with groups of people to solve problems and develop plans is fast, effective and helps build capacity. We have designed and delivered everything from small scale diagnostic meetings through to large consultation events, all using expert facilitators and backed by careful design rooted in best practice. Participants give us excellent feedback and clients appreciate the advantages of the buy-in and rapid progress we deliver as part of the package.

Logic modelling

We don't need to tell you that funding is tougher to secure than ever before; which means projects have to provide concrete evidence of the impact they make. We use logic modelling approaches to create a clear picture of the journey most projects make from identifying need through to delivering outcomes.

Assessing social value and SROI

We are at the forefront of thinking about the practical uses of social return on investment (SROI) and social value approaches. Often seen as highly technical and expensive we have pioneered step by step approaches that are cost-effective and easily understood. We are working with clients to develop simple ways to gather and report information that add significantly to their understanding of the value of their work.

Supporting self-evaluation

We recently distilled our collective knowledge of evaluation into a simple set of tools to help organisations introduce self-evaluation at lower cost.  The IndicateĀ® self evaluation support service is based on our experience supporting and providing guidance to projects throughout the UK. All the tools and guides used within the Indicate service have been tried and tested and are trusted by local authorities, NHS and the Big Lottery Fund.