About Us

We are a strong team of professionals with tremendous experience and expertise in working with the public sector, non-governmental bodies, and with organisations in the voluntary, charity and social economy sectors. We are proud of our clear policy insight, pragmatic style and of our success in helping clients to meet their goals.

Our clients benefit from our innovative and interactive approach. At a time when funding, business models and expectations are changing so rapidly, it is vital that we too are flexible, dynamic, creative and ahead of the curve in our knowledge.

Clients come first at Hall Aitken. We are completely on your side. Whether we're working with you to research, develop policy, plan business growth, train your people, or measure the impact of your work, it is your success that drives us.

This means that we care about your needs, opportunities and challenges. It means that we will support your values and goals. And because all our knowledge, skills and services are channelled to meet the needs of each of our clients, it means that they get the very best support they need to achieve their aims.

To find out how we can help your organisation achieve its goals, please call 0141 204 3183.