Spring 2008

Welcome to the Spring 2008 newsletter.

In this issue

  • Supporting applicants to funding programmes
  • Nutrition and activity interventions
  • Hearing Scotland's rural voices
  • Lessons from evaluating the Learning in Regeneration Skills Pack
  • Developing social enterprises

Supporting applicants to funding programmes

Where public money is spent funders are accountable for spending it most effectively. In turn, they usually have to request large amounts of information from organisations at the application stage. Applicants often perceive this as an obstacle to applying if they have neither the skills nor the knowledge necessary for writing a quality bid. More...

Nutrition and activity interventions

Obesity and health have recently become a major area of concern in the UK. As a result, there has been a rise in interest in projects and programme which link both physical activity and nutrition. There are many activity projects in existence and there are also many nutrition projects. Despite this, projects have only recently started to work with both issues together. Moreā€¦

Hearing Scotlands rural voices

Hall Aitken with our partners at the National Centre for Migration Studies carried out research into how people in rural Scotland get involved in decisions that affect their everyday lives. More...

Lessons from evaluating the Learning in Regeneration Skills Pack

Skills are increasingly at the forefront of policy. The UK Government aims for us to become the most skilled economy in the world. But what do "skills" mean in practice? Is it all about qualifications? The Scottish Centre for Regeneration commissioned a Skills Pack. This will help people through the process of identifying the skills they need and understanding how to gain those skills. Hall Aitken has recently completed their evaluation of the Skills Pack. More...

Developing social enterprises

Recently the Office of the Third Sector (OTS) set out the Government's cross-departmental commitment for thousands more social enterprises to thrive. But Hall Aitken staff working with social enterprises in the past couple of years found there is still confusion about what a social enterprise is. To help identify ways to develop social enterprises we have developed and piloted a toolkit. More...

Free seminars

We will run a half day seminar on writing successful bids in Manchester on 28th February 2008. We will give you ten basic principles of bid writing, practical advice on maximising your chances of getting funds and information about sources of funding.

We will also run this workshop at the end of March in Scotland. And will run free workshops on Performance measurement and self-evaluation. These will take place in Glasgow and Manchester.

To book a place in Manchester in February and to find out upcoming details of other workshops, please visit our events page.

Some current projects

Some of our projects include

  • National Heritage Lottery Fund - support to applicants to Parks for People and evaluation
  • Scottish Enterprise - Sector Skills Council summary report
  • Sport England - Understanding South Central London participation rates
  • Review of an employability programme in the Western Isles
  • Review of East of Scotland European Consortium

Make sure that clients are properly supported

Alienation Digital, the award winning Scottish E-business solutions company has just launched Alienation Fort - a secure online referral tracking system. More...

In the previous issue of our newsletter

  • Employability
  • Recruiting, retaining and managing volunteers
  • Financial inclusion
  • Will migrant workers help grow our economy?
  •  Local Enterprise Growth Initiative
  •  Win more bids for funding!