June 2010

Tourism in the Outer Hebrides

Area Tourism Partnership (ATP) brings together local players from both public and private sectors, with the aim of driving forward local tourism priorities, exploiting common strengths and developing an action-based approach to local tourism.

The new ATP Visitor Plan will focus on building on the successes of the tourism industry in the Outer Hebrides and meeting a series of long term outcomes which have been written by Hall Aitken Director Paul Buchanan. These include:

  • Increasing the tourism contribution to the islands’ economy and society
  • Ensuring tourism is integrated with other sectors to provide a stable economic platform for business growth
  • Increasing the pride and confidence in Hebridean culture, and its appeal to visitors
  • Encouraging more people into higher skilled, better paid tourism jobs
  • An enhanced and protected environment for visitors to enjoy.

The plan can be viewed at VisitScotland.org

Better marketing to raise awareness

Streetscape and the myplace Support Team delivered the 3rd Youth Marketing Conference. The event was held in London and was well attended. Participants joined together to learn the secrets of communicating with your target audiences and how to involve young people in making all the decisions. As always it was brilliant to work one-on-one with myplace projects and address their unique problems. Everybody seems to be facing the same set of challenges:

  • How can we raise awareness?
  • How can we widen participation?
  • What marketing methods work the best?

Read More about the event and gather some tips that may be of use to your organisation.

Supporting a better Way of Life

Our support to the Way of Life has allowed for projects to excel and promote healthy eating initiatives throughout Wales.

One such programme is the Fit 4 Fun project in Carmarthenshire. The project ran a series of healthy eating cooking workshops at Ysgol Y Felin in which professional chef Hazel Thomas taught the children how to make a variety of healthy meals including pasta, pizzas and fruit smoothies.

The day included question and answer sessions and encouraged shared learning.

Read More about this project and how our support can help your projects thrive.

Supporting our parks

Hall Aitken provide support to the Parks for People programme throughout England. The programme has been going from strength to strength and one of its projects, Burslem Park, in Stoke-on-Trent has been recognised for its achievements.

The early appointment of a Park Ranger has provided better assistance in completing their Stage 2 funding application.

Increased assistance with monitoring and evaluation has allowed for better tracking of visitor numbers and methods to be put in place to increase the number of people they are attracting.

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HA – DCR Tool (Data Collection and Reporting)

Designed to report live results for a set of key performance indicators our online tool will keep you up to date on how your projects are progressing. Capturing data from uploaded spreadsheets, designed to produce analysed results, our online tool aggregates the results and displays them in chart form. Or if you prefer you can view individual project results. The tool can be tailored to your needs, using a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that you want to measure. You can set targets for each KPI and/or each project and then track progress over time. This will help you measure progress towards your outcomes.

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Say hello to Jessica

Jessica programme will be launched in the next few weeks if the Scottish Government manage to clear some hurdles with Europe and the European Investment Bank (EIB) and ministers approve the programme, although we are already about 6 months behind schedule. EIB will be the organisation responsible for the holding fund management. Jessica funds are simply ERDF monies that are given out in the form of loans so that money can be recycled.

The Scottish Government will be putting up £26m while the ERDF will contribute £24m. This will create an Investment Fund of £50m.

Read more about how it could help you.