We Join the Premier League

Thursday November 19th 2009 saw the Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe join the manager of West Bromich Albion, Roberto deMateo and many young people for the launch of the Premier League 4 Sport programme.

Hall Aitken has been enlisted to evaluate the Government's £3.8m Premier League 4 Sport initiative. The project is part of the Government's £140m Legacy Action Plan which was put into place in June of last year and aims to engage 2 million people in physical activity by 2012.

The Premier League 4 Sport initiative has been formed through a partnership between the Government, Sport England, The Youth Sports Trust and 20 Premier League teams. Working with the Governing Bodies for badminton, volleyball, judo and table tennis the initiative aims to have 30,000 young people between the ages of 11 and 16 years more involved in the four Olympic sports over a three year period. Each premier league team will appoint a co-ordinator. They will set up a hub club for each sport and each of these hubs will stimulate up to four satellite clubs that will bring in people to participate in sport. Locally recruited coaches and volunteers will work with the participants.

We will collect data on a termly basis from the co-coordinators and report to the funders. Workshops and clinics delivered by us will build co-ordinators understanding of monitoring and self-evaluation.