The 7-step Transition model

We have developed our 7-Step transition model to guide organisations on the levels needed to reach to be confident they can survive and thrive. Achieving in each of these will ensure that you are sustainable and viable.

The themes are:

  • Strong Leadership and Clear Purpose
  • The right people, skills and business model
  • Positive engagement with clients and customers
  • Strong alliances and partnerships
  • Robust management and system
  • Efficient, quality managed delivery, and
  • Credible evidence of impact

7 step transition model

Our contention is that it is not just about writing better grant applications that will help an organisation survive. It is about ensuring that several elements are addressed that together will strengthen the organisation. If these are all in place and the organisation is displaying a strength in each then their future will be assured.

Online 7 -Step Transition model Diagnostic Tool

We have developed an online self-completion diagnostic tool that accompanies this model. It is available on our website.

Our diagnostic approach has been refined over several years and with over a thousand organisations. The 7-Step Transition Model Diagnostic tool is available in online (self-completion) and workshop-based hard copy versions when we work collaboratively with organisations. It is a self-assessment tool that asks users to make a (reasonably) honest assessment of their progress against a set of criteria, within specific themes.
How it works

If you go to you will be asked to log in using your email address and a password of your choice. You can then select our 7-Step Transition tool.

contractreadinessWhen completing the assessment, users choose one statement under each theme that best reflects their position.

  1. The first stage will baseline your position within each theme.
  2. Based on your responses, the second stage graphically illustrates in which areas you have weaknesses and strengths.
  3. The third stage gives you a short report that identifies actions and signposts you to support on that specific theme.

There should be clear evidence available to back this up. We encourage groups to complete the task rather than complete as individuals. This helps to moderate responses and build buy-in to the assessment.

Our online tool was selected by Social Value UK and is used daily by practitioners across the world to assess how far they are on the journey to implementing Social Return on Investment (SROI) principles. This is also free to use. For those interested in assessing their position related to social value the following link would be relevant.

And we are using the platform, upon which it is based, with The Welsh Assembly Government to assess readiness to address the Rights of the Child in the work of public bodies across Wales.

We separate each element within each theme out so that it can be scored and reported against. The result will be a 7-point assessment of each theme so you can identify and prioritise the areas where improvement is needed and will make the most difference. An online report can be downloaded as a pdf. Currently the tool displays a one-page report with animated radar chart showing the scores. This illustrates clearly the areas of strength and weakness.