Indicate® diagnostic and planning tool

We have designed the Indicate® diagnostic tool to:

  • help you set a benchmark to baseline your position
  • Display your areas of strength and weakness, letting you know which areas to focus on
  • Give you advice on the next steps; and
  • Show you how you have progressed.

You use this as an online self-assessment tool or at the heart of a group workshop where we work through the statements with you. When used in a group setting it helps organisations to reach a consensus on their position and build buy-in to the next steps.

Our clients have used this tool with strategic planning in several ways including:

  • Contract readiness
  • Investment readiness
  • Health check assessment
  • Partnership delivery
  • Programme support, and
  • Business planning and sustainability.

We have a free demonstration version of the Contract Readiness tool available for you to try. If you want full support we will design and build a version of the tool specifc to your organisation and your needs.

Statutory funding is fast disappearing or has moved from grants to large-scale contracting for services and adopting payment by results. We help clients prepare and bid for contracts. We have a free demonstration version of the tool you can use to assess Contract Readiness. Hear how it works and then try it.

Free Indicate® Contract Readiness - Demonstration version

We have used the tool to support voluntary, community and social enterprises. We also use it within national programmes for clients such as the Big Lottery Fund.

Social Value UK use a version of the tool for their members to measure their social value readiness. Over 1,800 organisations worldwide have used this tool. Assess your Social Value Readiness on the Social Value UK website.