Impact Growth case study: Vista

Sector: Physical health

Focus of project:

  • Programme design / theory of change facilitation
  • Developing impact plans
  • Performance management
  • Building impact measurement tools
  • Reviewing external evidence

VISTA is the leading provider of services to people with sight loss in Leicester.

Our objectives:

  • Help Vista to collect and analyse data to drive efficiencies and improvements.
  • Enable the organisation to maximise and demonstrate social impact for business planning
  • Develop the skills, capacity, and systems to improve their performance.

We identified five outcomes within a framework:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Social Inclusion
  • Independence
  • Financial Wellbeing, and
  • Health

For each of these outcomes there are values generated as people move towards achieving them.

Our approach involved:

  • Market assessment
  • Theory of Change and an outcomes framework
  • Developing a bespoke outcomes measurement tool
  • A workshop to develop outcome scales; and
  • Finalising the tool

What was achieved:

We developed our Social Value tool to be used by VISTA to make a case for funding. Firstly, it will track individuals who are part of existing interventions to show cost savings to the public purse. This will significantly strengthen the evidence base for the effectiveness of a variety of interventions. Secondly is predictive allowing organisations to show the likely impact of interventions and therefore the likely cost savings they will generate.

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